What is Recruit 2020?

Ready For Super-Human Recruiting?


Recruit2020 is a full day show and do session where you'll learn and do new recruiting techniques on your laptop, with your job requirements, your sourcing tools, and learn to do 5x more with your talent applications. The workshop will largely feature the use of ZapInfo which is a recruiting acceleration platform that simplifies and speeds every step of recruiting and works with every talent application, social network, job board, and search engine, and you'll get a free month subscription to use the ZapInfo platform to see if it helps you recruit faster like it has for 10,000 other recruiters!

This full day session is a laptops open, over-the-shoulder working session where you'll learn recruiting tips and tricks that will instantly increase your recruiting skills and will provide you with new ways to find, engage, evaluate, enrich, and exchange data like a recruiting super hero, helping you to discover talent, evaluate talent and deliver talent like never before.

Think of it like the Genius bar for recruiting.

What You'll Learn

Open your horizons and see how you can search for talent using multiple methods, even how to find people better on sites like Linkedin.

  • Learn to use the search builder from your jobs to find talent

  • New boolean techniques that are easier to use but more powerful and accurate

  • Spend less time searching and more time finding talent

Search On Steroids

Your CRM might be able to send out personalized email, but what if you want to do personalized outreach to people on the social networks?

See how you can deliver high-touch, personalized and higher converting social messages on any social site in 10% of the time + logged into your talent applications with no work!

Engage 2020

Most companies value diversity and inclusion as a top priority for their recruiting, and you'll learn tricks on how to search, find, identify and engage with diversity talent during the sessions.

Diversity & Inclusion

Not only will you learn how to get 2X more done on Linkedin (free or paid) the reality is that Linkedin isn't the only game in town. 


You'll learn how you can use networks like Facebook, Github, Instagram, Twitter, Meetup, StackOverflow and other social sites to find and engage talent along with how to engage candidates on social channels faster and more personally than before.

Social Recruiting

Goodbye data entry.  See how you can Zap data between sites and applications with 2-clicks saving you hours of time with every search.

Wether you are researching in job boards, social networks, search engines, or viewing a contact directory on any web page, you can Zap that data into your apps easily.

Move Data Faster

You'll learn how to utilize free data sources online to quickly research and find candidate contact data such as home addresses, previous addresses, personal email addresses and home and mobile phone information in a fraction of the time it took previously.

Research Faster

Resumes are dead.  It's time for a new intelligent profiles that takes less time to create and yet delivers a more visual + easier to review profile of each person which will delight your hiring managers & clients.


You'll see how you can create multi-dimensional profiles for candidates that contain richer details than just resume based information.

Smart Profiles

Create slates of ranked candidates that you can share with your hiring teams faster than ever before.

This powerful new method for recruiting dramatically changes how you interact with your hiring managers to facilitate the review and selection of talent for any job.

Evaluate Faster

If you've invested in job boards like Indeed or ZipRecruiter, Monster or CareerBuilder, or sourcing tools such as Hiretual, Seekout, Entelo, etc. you'll learn how you can get 5x more results when using these resources.

5X Results
(Job Boards & Sourcing Tools)

Examples & Videos

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